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Brevard County Criminal Lawyer

Individuals arrested for or accused of committing a crime in Brevard County, Florida, often feel frightened, confused, and are justifiably concerned about their future and that of their loved ones. In moments like this, having an experienced criminal attorney on your side is essential for fighting for and defending your constitutional rights. My name is Jordan Kramer. I have been practicing as a criminal defense lawyer since 2006 and it would be my privilege to represent you.

Criminal Defense

A conviction, whether it is a misdemeanor, felony, or a traffic violation, can impact a person in a number of ways. It isn’t just the possibility of a jail or prison sentence that a person should be concerned with. An individual may find it difficult to secure a place to live and find meaningful employment. I have utilized procedural or substantive defenses on a person’s behalf to get misdemeanor charges reduced or dismissed. A person charged with a felony, depending upon the circumstances, may be granted a downward departure from sentencing guidelines, either from the prosecutor or the judge. Several circumstances can result in a departure downward, including determination that the defendant played a minor role in the crime or that the defendant cooperated with the state to resolve a criminal matter. If an attorney can successfully prove that their client is eligible for a downward departure, the total number of sentencing points may be reduced in the defendant’s favor.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence laws apply not only to family and household members a person currently lives with, but also to others not currently living with the person. A no contact order prohibits a person from having any form of contact with the alleged victim and is almost always issued by the judge. No contact orders are strictly enforced, and a violation of such order can result in an additional criminal charge. It is important to note that violation of an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence, if applicable, can also be a violation of a no contact order. A conviction can result in time behind bars, in addition to probation and other costly and time-consuming matters. It is highly advised that a person charged with domestic violence be represented by a skillful Brevard County criminal attorney.

Drug Crimes

The impact that a drug offense has on one’s life can be overwhelming to many. In addition to other punishment, a person convicted on a possession charge faces a two-year driver license suspension, making the process of moving on with one’s life after the matter is resolved all the more difficult. I represent individuals in numerous matters, including possession of Cannabis or controlled substances, drug trafficking, drug paraphernalia possession, and prescription drug fraud. Depending upon the nature of the charges a client is facing, investigations, procedural techniques, and potential defenses can play a role that can lead to charges being reduced or dropped, including suppression of evidence gathered in a manner that violated the person’s constitutional rights, challenging the legal elements of a possession charge, and uncovering possible motives that a confidential informant had for making false statements.


Legal defenses are available for people charged with DUI, even if they have a breathalyzer reading that is over the limit or were unable to perform field sobriety exercises properly. Experienced criminal lawyers in Brevard County go through the details of cases and identify issues with which to build a credible defense around. Crucial to any DUI defense is the filing in a timely manner of the challenge of the administrative suspension. The manner and circumstances surrounding events up to and including a failed field test matter a great deal. Was the breathalyzer machine calibrated correctly? Were the field sobriety exercises administered in the proper manner? Does the person have a physical or other impairment that would help explain a failed test? The answers to these and other questions can be the key to a winning defense, so reaching out to an experienced attorney promptly is important.

Traffic Violations

The state will suspend a person’s driving privileges if too many points accumulate on their driving record. Some individuals simply pay the fine and move on, not taking into account the cumulative effect on one’s driving record, especially for people who have received numerous citations. An excessive number of speeding tickets, red light violations, reckless driving charges, and other citations can result in significant fines, increased car insurance rates, and, in some cases, the loss of one’s job. In the event of a license suspension, the impact upon an individual’s quality of life and obligations to family members can be considerable, so meeting with a criminal attorney in Brevard County with experience defending drivers against traffic citations is highly recommended. I have successfully defended numerous people for traffic offenses, many times resulting in either dismissal or reduction or elimination of points against a person’s driving record.


A person’s criminal history can surface in a number of situations, potentially upending their lives. A person wants to apply for a job in a competitive market. A graduate student with an arrest record is intent on landing a highly coveted internship. These and other scenarios frequently lead people to wonder whether their records can be expunged or sealed. In many instances, the answer is yes. Criminal records are a matter of public record, even those in which a person was arrested, only to have had the charges dismissed. The process to expunge a criminal record includes an application and a number of additional steps. While technically possible to achieve without the services of a lawyer, due to the very detailed nature of the process, the expungement of a person’s criminal record is best handled by a skillful attorney.

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

I have a track record of success defending hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases in both the Circuit and County Court, having represented individuals in criminal matters since 2006. Whether a case is dismissed or must go to trial, persons charged with a crime need to know that they have selected an experienced, highly skilled Brevard County criminal lawyer. I zealously defend the constitutional rights of my clients. Contact our office today to discuss your particular situation.

Client Reviews

Jordan Kramer is the best lawyer in Florida. Any issue I had any problem I had he had the answer to resolve them. He is professional well spoken and articulate in the court room. His service was the best I could ever imagine . I would absolutely trust him w all my legal needs. I highly recommend Mr...


Jordan is an amazing lawyer. He has helped me out numerous times with results in my favor. I will work with him in the future and send family and friends to him. Thank you so much.


I had the misfortune of requiring the services of an attorney for representation with a traffic citation. Jordan Kramer came highly recommended and lived up to that recommendation. Mr. Kramer was knowledgable and understanding. His office staff was friendly and his communication system was most...


I would highly recommend Jordan Kramer. He played the angles well for my case, hands down. Jordan is very down to earth counselor and a wise attorney at law. He always kept me up to date with any new information about how my case was going. I hope I never need his professional, aggressive skills...


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