Case Results 2008

2008: Client charged with Attempted First Degree Murder of a Police Officer receives withhold of adjudication and probation. No jail time.

My client was arrested in Orange County, FL and charged with Attempted First Degree Murder of a Police Officer and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Law Enforcement Officer. My client was facing up to life in prison on one charge and a mandatory minimum sentence of at least three years in prison. I was able to convince the prosecutor that she could not establish the elements of the crime based on my client's lack of intent. Prosecutor offered plea deal involving probation and waived the mandatory minimum. No jail time.

2008: Defendant charged with Driving Under the Influence, Driving under the Influence with Property Damage, Refusal to Take a Breath Test After Previous Refusal, and Careless Driving accepts plea of Reckless Driving and all other charges dropped.

My client was arrested after failing to stop at a red light and crashing into the rear of another vehicle. After admitting to taking painkillers and having "a few" beers, the police arrested him and charged him with DUI, DUI Property Damage, Refusal, and Careless Driving. In this case I was able to convince the prosecutor to drop all charges in exchange for a plea to Reckless Driving and a short term of probation (3 months).

2008: Defendant charged with Driving Under the Influence and Refusal to Take a Breath Test gets DUI dropped to Reckless and Refusal dismissed.

In this case my client was stopped by the police while his truck was parked half in the road and half on the shoulder. He was urinating in the bushes and had four or five beer cans in plain view in the back of his truck. He also admitted to the police that he had four beers. This case illustrates the need to hire a thorough attorney who is familiar with the different legal issues involved with a DUI case. Here, I filed a motion to suppress the results of the field sobriety exercises because they were compelled by the officer. The prosecutor then dropped the DUI charge to a Reckless driving a dismissed the Refusal.

2008: Legally blind defendant Charged with Driving without a License gets charge dismissed.

This had to be one of strangest cases. My client, who is legally blind, was charged with Driving Without a License and Failure to Maintain a Single Lane. I went with the most obvious defense here: my client is blind and was not driving. Since the officer did not witness him driving or crash into the neighbor's mailbox, all charges were dismissed.

2008: All charges dropped against client facing six years in prison

My client was facing the possibility of six years in prison after being arrested for Burglary of a Structure and Criminal Mischief. All Charges dismissed.

2008: Client charged with Unlawful Reception of Cable TV Services has charge dismissed.

In this case my client was charged with a first degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in year in jail. The Melbourne Police Officer who wrote the report alleged that my client unlawfully tapped into his neighbor's cable. The Office of State Attorney formally charged my client but the Brevard County Sheriff's Office never served him with the warrant within the applicable statute of limitations for a first degree misdemeanor. I filed a Motion to Dismiss for Violation of Statute of Limitation and the State dismissed the charge without a hearing.

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